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    Fican Guitars

    We live in a changing world - Shift Happens.

    We could try and emulate the instruments of other makers but we have chosen to go our own unique way.

    • Unparalled Sonics

      Our proprietory electronics allows you to have a guitar with a vast range of tones and effects.

    • Australian Timbers

      We use the highest quality tonal woods many of them unique to  Australia.

    • Flawless Finish

      Natural wood or painted your guitar will look like no  other.

    • Robustness

      Australian made - We make our guitars to last your  lifetime.

    • Freight Free

      Free worldwide for new guitars if serviced by  FEDEX.

    • Factory Prices

      We sell ex factory worldwide to maintain competitive pricing. We have an outlet in Shanghai for our Chinese  buyers

    • Tax and Duty

      Quoted prices do not include GST,VAT or import duties for your  location

    • Interest Free

      Australian purchasers check out our 12 month interest free purchase  plan

    • EVENTS

      We were at:

      Paris 19

      '...and Italian Party Night' - Rome 28th March - what a blast!! check out photos 

      'Le Salon de la Belle Guitare' - Paris March 2019 -

      'Australian Women In Music Awards' - Brisbane October 2019 -

      AWMA 19

      In Planning

      With great regret due to Corono Virus we have cancelled our attendance at this years Paris guitar   show

      Our next show where you can see our latest Adelaide July   2020

    • 2020 SPECIALS

      Looking for a present:


      Help Desk or Email Support Desk: [email protected]


      Keep scrolling down for our latest professional range and prices. You will see our current guitar range and prices in AUD, EURO and USD. The Australian dollar is on the ropes at the moment so if you are overseas get yourself a bargain. We freight free to your location ( you pay local VAT)




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  • Stuart Monk
    Fican Gimba
    Woman Guitarist
  • Versatility

    Fican Tornado

    AUD$ 3300 USD$ EUR

    Combined acoustic / Electric.

    • Acoustics

      Use acoustic or electric sonics individually or together. Why take two guitars to a gig when our 'Tornado' will do the job of  both

    • Tonal Variation

      Light or dark mood switch  selectable.

    • Comfort

      Designed for comfort for those long sessions.Smaller profile ideal for women  guitarists

    • Characteristics

      We can vary the weight and natural wood appearance by having access to a vast range of tonal  timbers.

    • HumBuckers

      Yet more variation to tone and effect by ability to select front, back or both  humbuckers.

    • Operation

      More detail here.. 

  • Fican Tornado
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  • Stand Out

    Fican Gimba

    AUD$ 2700 USD$ EUR

    One or two octave bass.

    • Options

      Finger rails can be fitted as a no cost  extra.

    • Timber

      We use the highest quality tonal woods many of them unique to Australia. We choose lighter woods for our Bass to make your hours on stage a  breeze

    • Finish

      Natural wood or painted your guitar will look like no other. As a bass player you will stand out from the  band

    • Robustness

      A professional instrument designed for the rigours of the  road.

  • Green Bass
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  • Beauty

    Fican Evolution

    AUD$3300 USD$ EUR

    Combined acoustic / Electric. For those who want the versatility of the Tornado but with a more conventional shape and  style

    • Acoustics

      The Evolution uses Tornado  acoustics.

    • Tonal Variation

      Light or dark mood switch  selectable.

    • Shape

      A more conventional shape for followers of fashion. And of course we make left or right handed  versions

    • Weight

      We can vary the weight and appearance by having access to a vast range of timbers. We do painted versions to order in your own  style

    • HumBuckers

      Yet more variation to tone and effect by ability to select front, back or both  humbuckers.

    • Robust

      Our guitars are designed for the road. We make them to last your  lifetime.

  • Fican Evolution 2
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  • Customize

    Fican Le Claude

    Variable Price

    Your choice of electronics, Tornado or coil tapping. Option your own or take our standard production as seen in the  video

    • Shape

      A classic shape.

    • Finish

      Natural or painted your choice of design and finish. Standard model as illustrated in the  video

    • Shape

      9"-16" radius Fretboard.

    • Control

      3 way switch tone and volume. Watch our video to hear the wonderful variations possible in this  guitar

  • Fican LeClaude
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  • Vast Tonal Variations

    Fican Eroxa

    AUD$3300 USD$ EUR

    With proprietory electronics and 5 way switch to each humbucker, the Eroxa can be made to sound like most guitars you have ever played.

    • Tonal

      Massive variations and moods.

    • Appearance

      Natural timber, your choice of highly attractive Australian tonal woods, or painted to your design and  color

    • Shape

      Large sounding board.

    • Control

      5 way switchs for tone and volume.

  • Fican Eroxa
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  • We liked it

    Fican Maxon

    Custom Variable Price

    Your choice of electronics, Tornado combination or coil tapping. Option your own electronic fit and finish and ask for  quote.

    • Flying V

      Our take on the flying V.

    • Humbuckers

      Kill the hum.

    • Shape

      9"-16" radius Fretboard.

    • Options

      This guitar can be totally optioned depending on your choice of electronics and  appearance.

  • Fican Maxon
  • Unique Art

    Fican Songline Series

    Call for price

    The Songline Series is based on the Tornado with each guitar painted by renowned Aboriginal artist Graham Toomey.

    • Unique

      Each guitar has unique artwork.Yours will be the only one of its kind

    • Tensioners

      We use the Tornado tensioning system. Fast and accurate tuning.

    • Shape

      The Tornado shape is comfortable and ideal for women guitarists.

    • Investment

      Your Songline guitar is more than an instrument it is an investment in art.

  • Fican Tornado

Our Custom Guitars

Your imagination is the only limitation. If you would like Something special in guitar shape or finishes we can probably do it. For custom builds you will find our prices most reasonable

  • From the different

    Shadow & Color

  • To The different

    Another reasons To Purchase from Fican

  • To the exotic

    From our Lava  Series

  • Another Way

    Left handers dont feel left out at Fican

  • New Talent

    Why look the same as everyone else

  • Ancient Talent

    The Sun - one of our Songline designs

Purchase / Freight

Guitars can be purchased ex factory. We deliver free worldwide for orders over AUD$3000


We accept payment by bank transfer in AUD, Euro, USD, and Sterling. We also accept payment by Paypal, Bitcoin and Credit Card. Credit card and PayPal purchases incur a 1.5% surcharge. All payments will be cleared before delivery. Customers will be invoiced on purchase, our bank details are on the invoice. For Australian customers an interest free 12 month direct debit scheme is available after the payment of a 50%  deposit


Our guitars are under warranty for 3 years against defects in manufacture. For overseas buyers we will source and pay for a local luthier to rectify any warranty or maintenance  problems.


We freight worldwide free as serviced by  FEDEX.

Customs and VAT

Prices shown do not include GST, VAT or your local import duty. Customers from outside Australia are responsible for customs and VAT import charges into their own country. Please be aware of these charges before  ordering